About HEatit Controls
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Our promise

At Thermo-Floor AS, we base our values on service, competence and trust. Our customers should be able to rely on us. If we are to succeed externally, we must be the best internally. This naturally applies to our systems, routines and products, but the most important aspect is human interaction. This is where values are created.

We aim to be the best possible advisor for our customers. We are evaluated by our customers every day based on their experience in dealing with us. They are our most important yardstick in our improvement efforts. If we are to succeed, our customers must succeed. We should be proud of our accomplishments, but still keep reaching for new goals. We are aware that as a local business, we are up against giants. This is a challenge we will rise to in an ever changing market .

In order to succeed, we must be open to opinions and input in a respectful manner. We must cooperate across the board, and make good use of our combined resources. Through positive affirmation and recognition, we aim to create a work environment with motivated associates who take responsibility for their own work efforts and development.

We claim responsibility for each other and the world we are a part of, both as a business and as individuals. We are aware of our role as one element in a greater structure, which we will both contribute to and take responsibility for. This is our promise, both to each other and to our customers.

About us

Thermo-Floor AS is a Norwegian company specializing in electrical heating solutions. We have been one of the market leaders in Norway for more than 20 years, and our product range is continuously expanding. We offer a wide selection of heating cables and heating mats, as well as complete temperature control systems for both indoor and outdoor use.
The combination of our heating products and thermostats are both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Thermo-Floor AS is committed to offering heating solutions to match both present and future needs.


NS-EN ISO 9001:2015
NS-EN ISO 14001:2015

the future

Electrical heating systems will continue to be our main focus area, as we consider this to be the most cost-efficient heating method for homes. We will also keep developing thermostats and offering new innovations in heating control.
We are also excited to be a part of the new field of wireless home automation systems, which allows you to take control above your heating, lighting and countless electrical appliances simply through an app.
This is the future, and we want to be a part of it!

our products

Heating cable mats are still our main product, but we also offer traditional heating cables and many types of self-limiting heating cables

In addition to this, we carry a wide selection of thermostats, both for indoor and outdoor use. Our snow melting systems can prevent many problems associated with snow and ice buildup on roofs, gutters and drains.

Furthermore, we offer products that are essential to electricians, such as glue guns, electrical tools and fastening products.


Our aim and efforts to deliver eco-friendly solutions have resulted in several certifications, which we take pride in.

Employees in Thermo-Floor AS

Happy birthday to you!

25 years – 2017

Life expectancy for women and men has increased continuously in the past 170 years. For businesses, however, things have moved in the opposite direction. In 1935 the average lifespan of a business was 95 years – today it is 15. Companies collapse on a grand scale. Why? Mainly because they are unable to create higher value than their competitors. The experienced value must be higher than the price demanded. In order to succeed, innovation and product development must be a focal point. A company must be able to offer new solutions that meet customer requirements in a better way.

“Everyone has talent when they are twenty-five. The problem is to have it when you’re fifty.“
-Edgar Degas.

We now stand on the threshold of the next 25 years. Our adolescence is over. Thermo-Floor AS started with one employee, Håkon Forberg, and one product: a floor heating mat. Today we have 17 employees and offer more than 1,100 products. Our main products are still within the floor heating range, but we also focus on offering solutions for smart home systems. Innovation is our key to success, and will be for the next 25 years as well. We are old enough to know what we are doing, but still young enough to brave the future. Whatever this future may be – it will be electric – and our continued efforts will ensure that Thermo-Floor AS also will make it to 50.

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