Heatit Z-Wave Thermostat

The Heatit Z-Wave is an electronic thermostat for floor heating in a standard wall box. The thermostat has a built-in Z-Wave chip that can be connected with Home Automation systems.

Heatit Z-Wave is equipped with a single pole switch and fits into most System 55 frames (Elko RS16, Schneider Exxact, Gira, Jung etc.) The thermostat can withstand a load of max 16A / 3600W at 230V. At higher loads the thermostat must control a contactor. The thermostat may be connected to two wired external sensors.

The thermostat has the capacity of up to 8 associations (relays, wall plugs etc.)

The thermostat is designed for electrical heating and does not work together with Heatit Z-Water (45 124 75).


This Heatit device is certified by Pepper One Gmbh according to the requirements set forward by the Z-Wave Alliance and Silicon Labs. This is a Z-Wave Plus product with the 500 series chip. If the product does not work with your gateway, then the gateway manufacturer has not made an integration for such a device. We do not give any guarantee towards integration.


Due to the fact that many of our thermostats are available in both white and black, you may combine frames and fronts as you please. Choose a black frame with a white front (or the other way around) for an edgy look, or go for the traditional all-white or all-black.


Heatit z-wave White RAL 9003

Color and design matching the Schneider Exxact series.


Heatit z-wave Black RAL 9011

Design matching the Schneider Exxact series.


  • Floor sensor
  • External room sensor
  • Built-in room sensor
  • Temperature limiter
  • Power regulator
  • Z-Wave Plus chip, 500 series
  • Weekly program via gateway
  • Setback mode via gateway or pilot wire
  • LED-diode
  • Can be used in connection with different NTC-sensors
  • Lock mode/child lock
  • Backlight
  • Calibration
  • 8 associations


Heatit Z-Wave Thermostat Dimensions

Alternative and unofficial firmware

Version 1.92

Versjon 1.92 er en alternativ, uoffisiell versjon som kan lastes ned i linken over.
Version 1.92 is an alternative, unofficial version that can be downloaded using the link above. 

Thermo-Floor gir ikke support vedr. oppdatering eller integrasjon av denne versjonen.
Heatit / Thermo-Floor does not provide support with regards to this update nor the integration of this Firmware version.

Dette er en versjon som gir termostaten noe mer funksjonalitet enn tidligere versjoner
This firmware version gives the thermostat some new functionality than the previous versions.

  • Termostaten viser relestatus
    The thermostat displays the relay status
  • Støtter multchannel command class
    Support of multichannel command class
  • Alle 3 temperatursensorer kan leses av i gateway
    All 3 temperature sensors can be displayed in the gateway

For å laste inn ny firmware trenger du en spesiell kabel. Denne har el-nummer 5430497 og kan kjøpes via våre samarbeidspartnere.
To load new firmware you’ll ned a special cable. This cable is sold with article number 54 304 97 and can be bought through several partners of ours.

Ver. 1.92 gir ikke mulighet for strømmåling
V. 1.92 does not provide power metering.


Protocol Z-Wave Plus, 868,4 MHz
Rated voltage 230V  50/60Hz
Max load 3600W (resistive load)
750W self-limiting heating cable
Max current 16A
Power consumption 1,5W
Power regulator Time cycle 0 – 30 min
Min/max installation temp -20°C – 40°C
Min/max operating temp 5°C – 40°C
Temperature intervals
Floor sensor 5°C – 40°C
External room sensor 5°C – 40°C
Hysteresis 0,3°C – 3,0°C (default 0,5°C)
Sensor values
0°C    29,1 kΩ
10°C  18,6 kΩ
15°C  15,1 kΩ
20°C  12,2 kΩ
25°C  10,0 kΩ
Switch Single-pole switch
Included in package
Floor sensor, Ø4mm  3 meters  NTC 10 kΩ, Art.no: 54 301 07

Compatible with NTC sensors with values
10, 12, 15, 22, 33 and 47 kΩ @ 25°C

IP Class IP 21


Use 1,5mm² or 2,5mm² according to load.


2 years

Download documents

What’s the differences between Heatit Z-TRM2fx and Heatit Z-Wave Thermostats?


Heatit Z-Wave

Heatit Z-TRM2fx

As a standalone thermostat

Controls electrical floor heating



Max relay output (resistive) 

3600W@230V  (16A)

2900W@230V  (13A)

Max relay output (self-regulating)

750W@230V  (3.2A)

750W@230V  (3.2A)

LED indicator for relay status



Floor sensor



External room sensor



Internal room sensor



Sensor values for floor and external sensor

NTC 10, 12, 15, 22, 33 og 47 kO @ 25°C




Lock mode/child lock



Power regulator



Temperature limiter



Display ON/OFF



Included in Z-Wave network

S0 security



S2 security



Weekly program via gateway



Power Metering



Over The Air Update (OTA)



Shows Relay status



Shows measured temperature



Controls water-based floor heating (works



with Heatit Z-Water)



Single Channel Associations

Up to 8 devices pr. group

Up to 5 devices pr. group

Multi Channel Associations


Up to 5 devices pr. group



Z-Wave Plus



Art. no. Product Color
54 304 99 Heatit Z-Wave thermostat  3600W  16A White  RAL 9003
54 304 98 Heatit Z-Wave thermostat  3600W  16A Black  RAL 9011
54 303 11 Frame for Heatit White  RAL 9003
54 303 12 Frame for Heatit Black  RAL 9011
54 304 97 Cable for thermostat software updates
54 301 08 Floor sensor  Ø3mm  6 meters  NTC 10 kΩ
54 301 07 Floor sensor  Ø4mm  3 meters  NTC 10 kΩ
54 301 27 External room sensor, IP 20/54  NTC 10 kΩ
54 304 71 External enclosed sensor  IP 20/54

FAQ Heatit Z-Wave Thermostat

I know that there is an option to attach two external temperature sensors, but is there also an on-board integrated temp-sensor available?

Yes, there is.

Do I need an external sensor, or does the thermostat also work without one?

The thermostat will work without an external sensor – but it will use the readings from the on-board sensor to determine the temperature of the equipment it controls. If you are interested in reading the exact measured temperature, an external sensor will be more accurate. The internal sensor will be sufficient for 95% of the users.

Is there any LED or display icon signalling that the Thermostat is currently heating - a kind of on/off or heating indicator on the display?

Yes, there is a small Bi-LED with a red light when the thermostat is pulling load. This diode can be found in the right hand corner, directly below the numbers on the display. Once the load on the thermostat is activated, you will hear a clicking sound when the relay kicks in. At the same time, the LED will light up.

Is it possible to change the set-temperature via Z-Wave, to overwrite the manually entered one?

Yes it is. Bi-directional control is enabled. (Use any supported gateway for this).

If I manually change the set-temperature by using the buttons on the Thermostat, how long will this change be valid / in use?

The manually set value will be active until you make a new set-point. If you use a gateway, it will be in use until the next scheduled temperature setting is activated.

Is the Heatit Z-Wave thermostat available in the US or in Canada?

The Heatit thermostat is not for sale on the US and Canadian market. Due to local regulations, the product will not be made available for this market.

Does the HeatIt thermostat fit in a standard Gira-frame?

Yes. It fits the system 55 that is used by Gira and other premium manufacterers.

Is there any information or manuals available in German?

Yes. You will find relevant information in German following this link »

The product must be installed in accordance with the current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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