Simply put, a thermostat is a switch that controls temperature. It ensures that spaces do not get too hot or too cold. Some thermostats are basic with an on / off switch and a temperature adjustment wheel. Others are more advanced with timers and functions that allow the thermostat to make smart choices on your behalf to rationalize power use. Some thermostats have also become so “smart” that they communicate with each other in order to control your house as a whole.  Your needs determine which solution you should choose. We are sure that we have what you need.

shades of white

The thermostats in our Heatit-series are available either in white RAL 9010 (matching Elko RS16 frame) or in RAL 9003 (matching Schneider Exxact frames. The Heatit standard thermostat and the Heatit LCD are available in both white shades. Many of our thermostats
are also available in black through purchase of a black plastic kit. All products are available as OEM.

Heatit_s-control Schneider (R) frame white

Heatit S-control white ral 9010

Art. no.: 99 303 33

Heatit_s-control_ELJO frame white

Heatit S-control white ral 9003

Art. no.: 99 303 44

White front cover for Heatit Thermostats

Heatit S-control white ral 9010

Art. no.: 99 303 33

Black front cover for Heatit Thermostats

Heatit S-control plastic kit black 9011

Art. no.: 99 304 48

a more stylish appearance

When combining your thermostat with a cover, you get a cleaner, more stylish look. The cover hides the display and protects it from bumps and scratches. It also makes the thermostat less noticeable in your home interiors. The cover is available in white and black for the Heatit standard thermostat.

final details

When choosing your Heatit thermostat, you must take several things into account. The most important factor is naturally what features you are looking for in a thermostat, but appearance and ease of operation are also something to consider. We carry a wide range of thermostats, some with temperature dials, others with an LCD display.


heatit z-wave black ral 9011

Art. no.: 54 304 98


Heatit z-wave white ral 9003

Art. no.: 54 304 99

Black frame RAL 9010 for Heatit wall mounted thermostats

buy an extra frame or plastic kit

You may buy a seperate frame for your thermostat.
If you would like a black frame, there are plastic kits available 
for purchase.

custom color combinations

Due to the fact that many of our thermostats are available both in white and black, you may combine frames and fronts as you please. Choose a black frame with a white front (or the other way around) for an edgy look, or go for the traditional all-white or all-black.


Heatit z-wave black with white frame


Heatit z-wave white With black frame

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