Heatit Triac thermostat

The Heatit Triac is an electronic thermostat that can be set to function in two different ways: As an effect regulator, or controlled by an external sensor. The thermostat has a switchback temperature option.

In effect regulator mode the thermostat regulates the temperature by switching on and switching off in intervals. Switch-
on and switch-off is done via triac. This eliminates electronic noise and clicking. In external sensor mode, the effect is regulated by temperature.

The Heatit Triac uses time proportional control with a cycle of about 42 seconds. This means that the heating element is switched on and off in a pulse/pause interval. The average power is set to the desired temperature. The pulse/pause interval is controlled by a triac.

The thermostat is designed for electrical heating.


  • Silent triac
  • Power regulator
  • May be used with an external sensor



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Technical data

Rated voltage 230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption ~0,2W
Heat discharge 1,5W pr. A
Output Triac
Load Min. 200W, 0,8A (resistive load)
Max 1000W, 4,5A (resistive load)
Pulse time 42sec
Pulse/pause interval 0 – 100%
Min/max installation temp -40°C – 40°C
Min/max operating temp -40°C – 30°C
Temperature intervals External sensor: 5°C – 40°C
Ambient temperature -20°C – 30°C
Hysteresis None
Sensor values
NTC 0°C 29,1 kΩ
10°C 18,6 kΩ
15°C 15,1 kΩ 20°C 12,2 kΩ
25°C 10,0 kΩ
Switch 2-pole-switch
IP class IP 20


2 years

The desired pause/pulse interval can be set steplessly from 0 to 10.
For example, if the thermostat is set to 5, the heating element will be switched on for 21 seconds and switched off for 21 seconds.

effect regulation principle

The thermostat is set to 22°C

  • If the floor temperature is 21°C or lower, the heat is on constantly.
  • If the floor temperature is 21,5°C ,the heat is set to 75% effect.
  • If the floor temperature is 22°C ,the heat is set to 50% effect.
  • If the floor temperature is 22,5°C ,the heat is set to 25% effect.
  • If the floor temperature is 23°C or higher, the heat is switched off.

The hysteresis is + -1°C from set temperature.

Art. no. Product Color
99 303 10 Heatit Triac 1000W White  RAL 9010
54 301 09 Floor sensor  Ø4mm  3m NTC 10 kΩ
54 301 28 External room sensor  NTC 10 kΩ
54 304 71 External enclosed sensor  IP 20/54

The product must be installed in accordance with the current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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