Multireg DIN±

The Multireg DIN ± is a thermostat specifically designed to control heating cables in gutters, steps, walkways, driveways etc. where ice buildup may occur. The thermostat may also be used for frost protection of water pipes.

Function 1: DIN ± thermostat
Ice buildup happens within a certain temperature interval, and by using outdoor heating cables, this ice formation may be counteracted. The Multireg DIN ± is designed to control the heat supply only within the critical area, so that defrosting is achieved with a minimum of power use. The critical temperature range varies from one installation to another. This is why the thermostat is equipped with a start and stop temperature setting. The thermostat is placed inside, e.g in a fuse box while the sensor is placed outside, e.g. on a wall. After a few adjustments the thermostat is set to a temperature interval where no ice / icicles are formed, and the installation runs itself with minimal energy consumption.

Function 2: Power regulator
By connecting terminals 1 and 2 (PWR) with a jumper wire, the Multireg DIN ± will act as a power regulator. This function works well for frost protecting water pipes. Set the desired temperature for when the system should switch on. Customize the effect as needed.


  • External outdoor sensor or ground sensor
  • Power regulation 0 – 100%


Heatit DIN +- Dimensions

Technical data

Rated voltage 230V 50/60Hz
Max. load 3600W/16A (resistive load)
Width 2 module – DIN-rail
Power consumption ~7W
LED Bi-led indicator
Power regulator Time cycle 0 – 30 min
Measuring temp. range -30°C – 10°C
Ambient temperature -30°C – 60°C
Hysteresis ± 0,5°C
Sensor values 10°C 18,6 kΩ
15°C 15,1 kΩ
20°C 12,2 kΩ
25°C 10,0 kΩ
Included in package Floor sensor 3 meter,
Art. no. 54 301 09
Plastic cover for wall
Size (LxWxD) 89 x 32 x 62mm
IP Class IP 20


2 years

Art. no. Product
54 301 66 Multireg DIN± thermostat 3600W 16A
54 301 76 Multireg air sensor

The product must be installed in accordance with the current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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