Heatit Z-Ice Control

Heatit Z-icecontrol

Heatit Z- IceControl is a snow melting controller for up to two heating zones. It is developed to melt snow and ice on walkways, steps and other outdoor areas, as well as on roofs and in roof gutters. Heatit Z- IceControl is compatible with several kinds of ground- and air sensors. The controller may be used both for electrical and hydronic heating systems.

Ground sensors should be mounted in places where snow and ice problems normally occur, it provides functional and energy-saving control of heating cables. The sensors can be installed in concrete or asphalt, or laid under paving stones and tiles. Your problem may be ice and snow on the stairs in front of your entrance or perhaps a slippery driveway. In either case, a thermostat is used to regulate your snow melting system.

The Heatit Z-IceControl receives information about the temperature and humidity from a sensor. The regulator can distinguish between
rain and snow and predict if there is a chance for ice forming. The Heatit Z-IceControl regulator will keep the access to your mailbox or garage free from snow and ice, based on your desired system settings.

The Multireg IceControl Pro must always be installed with  an outdoor air sensor in addition to a ground sensor or a roof/gutter sensor.



  • Snow melting regulator
  • Controls both electrial and hydronic heating systems
  • Two outputs controlling two independent zones
  • Ground sensor
  • Roof/gutter sensor
  • External air sensor
  • Precipitation sensor
  • Graphic display with help function
  • MODBUS 485
  • Firmware updates (OTA)
  • Power metering
  • Supports encryption mode: S0, S2 Access Control Class, S2 Authenticated Class, S2 Unauthenticated Class


Technical data

Protocol Z-Wave
SDK 6.71.00
Rated voltage 230V
Power consumption Max 10VA
Contacts 2 x 16A – potential free
Relay 1 x 10A – for direct load
IP Class IP 20
Size (LxWxD) 213 x 93 x 100mm
Building height: 100mm Check the height in switch board,if necessary, adjust DIN rail13 modules DIN rail
Approvals Z-Wave Plus, CE, EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, EMC 2014/30/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU


2 years

Download documents

Art. no. Product Z-Wave frequenCY
54 301 79 Heatit Z-IceControl – snow melting regulator EU 868,4 MHz
99 301 80 Heatit Z-IceControl – snow melting regulator BR 921,4 MHz
99 301 81 Heatit Z-IceControl – snow melting regulator US 908,4 MHz
99 301 82 Heatit Z-IceControl – snow melting regulator RU 869 MHz
99 301 83 Heatit Z-IceControl – snow melting regulator US2 916 MHz
99 301 86 Heatit Z-IceControl – snow melting regulator IND 865,2 MHz
99 301 74 Heatit roof/gutter sensor
99 301 75 Heatit ground sensor
99 301 76 Heatit air sensor
99 301 78 Heatit precipitation sensor

The product must be installed in accordance with the current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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