Heating solutions

There is no heating solution more energy efficient than electric floor heating, and at Thermo-Floor, we offer all varieties. Electrical systems with low buildup both heat up and cool down quickly. This makes electric floor heating a very energy efficient source of heat. Heat rises steadily from the entire floor surface and prevents hot and cold zones in the room, something which is a common experience when using electric heaters and heat pumps. Our body is scientifically the most comfortable when our feet are warm and our heads are cooler. Electric heating floors lets you reduce the indoor temperature by several degrees, just enough to keep your feet warm. With advanced themostats you may control the heat in every room. You and your family will be comfortably warm in every room in your home.

Electric floor heating is suitable both for old and new houses. With the current regulations for new homes, requirements for insulation and milder winters, there little need for more heating in a your home. In short periods of severe cold, you will probably find that there is nothing nicer than a fireplace crackling in the corner.

With underfloor heating you get no visible installations, and it is also noiseless. There is no humming or gurgling. Compared to geothermal or hydronic systems, electric underfloor heating hasa low installation cost and virtually no maintenance costs. A prerequisite for making this system as energy- and cost efficient as possible is the installation of thermostats
which are able to control a minimum of 3 zones.

At Thermo-Floor we have extensive experience with electric underfloor heating system for any purpose. There are few challenges we have encountered that we have not been able to resolve. Our sales team can help you in sketching up a heating solution for your home and providing you with valuable advice.

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