TF BHK heating cable

Heating cable for concrete curings

TF BHK is a heating cable for curing concrete.

The heating cable is used to raise the temperature in concrete slabs to an optimal level when new concrete elements are being added to the structure. This helps reduce temperature related tensions in the concrete that can lead to cracking and flaking.

The TF BHK cable speeds up the curing process. It is used instead of curing agents in the concrete mix. The formwork can be removed sooner, thus reducing construction time.

The cable is attached to the underlying reinforcements, and it is easy to install. The cable is usually cut after the concrete has finished curing.

areas of use

TF BHK is a heating cable used for curing and drying concrete. Can be used in all foundations, columns and supports..




TF BHK is maintenance free.


All heating systems must be equipped with a residual current disrupter with 30mA.
The heating system must also be equipped with an electronic thermostat that enables the user to adjust the temperature.

Technical data

Cable type Twin conductor, grounded heating cable
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Output pr. meter 40W
Thickness Ø 5,5mm ± 0,5mm
Lengths 3,3 – 85 meters
Max temperature 70°C
Cold lead 2 meters with Schuko Europlug
IP Class IP X7

Approvals IEC 60800:2009


1 year

Heatit guarantee seal 1 year
Cutaway an information about the cable.

Front view

Top view

Cross section

Art. no. Product Size Total output Ohm value
1011452 TF BHK  40W/ 3,3m   130W 3,3 meters 130W 407
1011453 TF BHK  40W/10m   400W 10 meters 400W 132
1011454 TF BHK  40W/20m   800W 20 meters 800W 66
1011455 TF BHK  40W/ 35m   1400W 35 meters 1400W 38
1011456 TF BHK  40W/50m   2000W 50 meters 2000W 26

The product must be installed in accordance with current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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