TF NSX Heating cable

Heating cable in fixed lenghts for bathrooms

TF NSX heating cable is a 2-wire heating cable specifically designed for floors in rooms with high moisture accumulation like baths and laundry rooms.

The heating cable is lead free and without dangerous toxins. It is easy to install and ideal for heating in concrete floors, both traditional and low profile designs.

The heating cable has no physical splicing between the warm and cold part, but rather two integrated joints. The joints between the cold and warm part of the cable is marked with red and blue color on the outside. The cable installation should start and end in the same place. The heating cable has two cold leads. One must be connected to the main power and the other to the junction box via a Wago clamp.

Used properly, the TF NSX heating cable is a very environmentally friendly alternative for your home. By the use of a control system, you may regulate the temperature in each room seperately. This saves power and is good for the environment.

The TF NSX heating cable may be installed directly onto TF steel mesh. The heating cable may also be glued down in its entire lenght onto the non-flammable subfloors or installed by using cable straps. If the heating cable is to be used in poured floor constructions, the installation must be in exact accordance with the process described in the installation manual.


areas of use

TF NSX heating cable is designed for floors in rooms with high moisture accumulation like baths and laundry rooms.

Floor covering

  • Laminate
  • Tiles
  • Other floor coverings designed for high-moisture rooms


TF NSX heating cable is maintenance-free.


All heating systems must be equipped with a residual current disrupter with 30mA.
The heating system must also be equipped with an electronic thermostat that enables the user to adjust the temperature..

Technical data

Cable type Twin conductor
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Output pr. meter 17W/m
Cable diameter Ø 6 – 7mm
Length 10 – 74 meters
Max. temperature 80°C (nominal value)
Cold lead 2,3 meters
Return wire: 2,3 meters (Wago included)
IP Class IP X8
Approvals EN 60800 Klasse C,


10 years


spacing Calculation

CC= central spacing
m²= effective area
l = cable length

Art. no. Product length Total output Ohm value
1011600 TF NSX 17  170W/10m  17W/m 10 meters 170W 311
1011601 TF NSX 17  255W/15m  17W/m 15 meters 255W 207
1011602 TF NSX 17  300W/17,6m  17W/m 17,6 meters 300W 176
1011603 TF NSX 17  400W/23,5m  17W/m 23,5 meters 400W 132
1011604 TF NSX 17  500W/30m  17W/m 30 meters 500W 106
1011605 TF NSX 17  600W/35m  17W/m 35 meters 600W 88
1011606 TF NSX 17  700W/41m  17W/m 41 meters 700W 76
1011607 TF NSX 17  850W/50m  17W/m 50 meters 850W 62
1011608 TF NSX 17  1000W/59m  17W/m 59 meters 1000W 53
1011609 TF NSX 17  1250W/74m  17W/m 74 meters 1250W 42

The product must be installed in accordance with current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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