TF Sticky Mat

Self-adhesive heating mat

TF Sticky Mat is a low building heating mat. The build up ranges from 4 – 20mm depending on the underlay and floor covering that is being used. TF Sticky Mat has a heating cable (Ø3,2mm) placed in a serpentine pattern with 80mm space between the cables.

The sub-floor must be clean, even and primed before laying down the mat. Roll out the TF Sticky Mat and adjust it to the area it should cover. The adhesive on the net sticks easily to the sub-floor. TF Sticky Mat can be installed directly on wood, Chipboard, concrete e.g. for output up to 160W/m².

areas of use

TF Sticky Mat can be installed underneath tiles, parquet, laminate, carpets, cork flooring and practically all other floors that may be heated.

Floor covering

Always install TF Sticky Mat in accordance with the installation manual. The installation method is different for different kinds of floor covering. Please observe that in wet rooms, a membrane should always be placed beneath the tile adhesive to ensure that only the tiles, tile adhesive and grout comes in contact with water.


TF Sticky Mat is maintenance free.


All heating systems must be equipped with a residual current disrupter with 30mA.

The heating system must also be equipped with an electronic thermostat that enables the user to adjust the temperature.

technical data

Cable type Twin conductor
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Output pr. m2 60W + 100W + 130W + 160W
Thickness Ø 3,2mm
Width 0,5 meter
Length 2,0 – 24,0 meters
Max. temperature 80°C (nominal value)
Cold lead 5 meters
IP Class IP X7

Approvals EN 60335


10 years


TF Sticky Mat under parquet/laminate

TF Sticky Mat under tiles


Art. no. Product Size Total output Ohm value
1011504 TF Sticky Mat  60W/4m²  240W 0,5 x 8m 240W 220
1011505 TF Sticky Mat  60W/5m²  300W 0,5 x 10m 300W 176
1011506 TF Sticky Mat  60W/6m²  360W 0,5 x 12m 360W 147
1011507 TF Sticky Mat  60W/7m²  420W 0,5 x 14m 420W 126
1011508 TF Sticky Mat  60W/8m²  480W 0,5 x 16m 480W 110
1011509 TF Sticky Mat  60W/9m²  540W 0,5 x 18m 540W 98
1011510 TF Sticky Mat  60W/10m²  600W 0,5 x 20m 600W 88
1011512 TF Sticky Mat  60W/12m²  720W 0,5 x 24m 720W 73
1011513 TF Sticky Mat  100W/3m²  300W 0,5 x 6m 300W 176
1011514 TF Sticky Mat  100W/4m²  400W 0,5 x 8m 400W 132
1011515 TF Sticky Mat  100W/5m²  500W 0,5 x 10m 500W 106
1011516 TF Sticky Mat  100W/6m²  600W 0,5 x 12m 600W 88
1011517 TF Sticky Mat  100W/7m²  700W 0,5 x 14m 700W 76
1011518 TF Sticky Mat  100W/8m²  800W 0,5 x 16m 800W 66
1011519 TF Sticky Mat  100W/9m²  900W 0,5 x 18m 900W 59
1011520 TF Sticky Mat  100W/10m²  1000W 0,5 x 20m 1000W 53
1011522 TF Sticky Mat  100W/12m²  1200W 0,5 x 24m 1200W 44
1011523 TF Sticky Mat  130W/3m²  390W 0,5 x 6m 390W 136
1011524 TF Sticky Mat  130W/4m²  520W 0,5 x 8m 520W 102
1011525 TF Sticky Mat  130W/5m²  650W 0,5 x 10m 650W 81
1011526 TF Sticky Mat  130W/6m²  780W 0,5 x 12m 780W 68
1011527 TF Sticky Mat  130W/7m²  910W 0,5 x 14m 910W 58
1011528 TF Sticky Mat  130W/8m²  1040W 0,5 x 16m 1040W 51
1011529 TF Sticky Mat  130W/9m²  1170W 0,5 x 18m 1170W 45
1011550 TF Sticky Mat  130W/10m²  1300W 0,5 x 20m 1300W 41
1011552 TF Sticky Mat  130W/12m²  1560W 0,5 x 24m 1560W 34
1011530 TF Sticky Mat  160W/1m²  160W 0,5 x 2m 160W 331
1011531 TF Sticky Mat  160W/1,5m²  240W 0,5 x 3m 240W 220
1011532 TF Sticky Mat  160W/2m²  320W 0,5 x 4m 320W 165
1011533 TF Sticky Mat  160W/2,5m²  400W 0,5 x 5m 400W 132
1011534 TF Sticky Mat  160W/3m²  480W 0,5 x 6m 480W 110
1011535 TF Sticky Mat  160W/3,5m²  560W 0,5 x 7m 560W 94
1011536 TF Sticky Mat  160W/4m²  640W 0,5 x 8m 640W 83
1011537 TF Sticky Mat  160W/4,5m²  720W 0,5 x 9m 720W 73
1011538 TF Sticky Mat  160W/5m²  800W 0,5 x 10m 800W 66
1011540 TF Sticky Mat  160W/6m²  960W 0,5 x 12m 960W 55
1011542 TF Sticky Mat  160W/7m²  1120W 0,5 x 14m 1120W 47
1011544 TF Sticky Mat  160W/8m²  1280W 0,5 x 16m 1280W 41
1011546 TF Sticky Mat  160W/9m²  1440W 0,5 x 18m 1440W 37

The product must be installed in accordance with current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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