TF Sticky pro

Self-adhesive heating mat with double sided tape

TF StickyPro is a vertically compact heating mat. The build up ranges from 4 – 20mm depending on the underlay and floor covering being used. TF StickyPro has a heating cable (Ø3,2mm) placed in a serpentine pattern with 80mm space between the cables.

The sub-floor must be clean, even and primed before laying down the mat. Roll out the TF Sticky Mat and adjust it to the area it should cover. The adhesive on the net sticks easily to the sub-floor. TF Sticky Mat can be installed directly on wood, Chipboard, concrete e.g. for output up to 160W/m².


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areas of use

TF Sticky Mat can be installed underneath tiles, parquet, laminate, carpets, cork flooring and practically all other floors that may be heated.

Floor covering

Always install TF Sticky Mat in accordance with the installation manual. The installation method is different for different kinds of floor covering. Please observe that in wet rooms, a membrane should always be placed beneath the tile adhesive to ensure that only the tiles, tile adhesive and grout comes in contact with water. TF Sticky Pro may be installed directly on flammable material (such as wood).


TFU heating mat is maintenance free


All heating systems must be equipped with a residual current disrupter with 30mA.

The heating system must also be equipped with an electronic thermostat that enables the user to adjust the temperature. The thermostat also protects the system from overheating and switching on at unwanted times, for instance in summer.

Technical data

Cable type Twin conductor
Voltage 230V + 400V 50Hz
Output pr. m2 300W
Cable diameter Ø 6 – 7mm
Lengths 230V: 2 – 28 meters
400V: 4 – 40 meters
Max temperature 80°C (nominal value)
Cold lead 5 meters
IP Class IP X7

Approvals EN 60800 kl. C


10 years


TFU under asphalt

TFU under slate e.g.

TFU under pavers

Art. no. Product Size Total output Ohm value
1001151 TFU  230V  300W/1m²  300W 0,5 x 2m 300W 176
1001152 TFU 230V  300W/2m²  600W 0,5 x 4m 600W 88
1001153 TFU 230V  300W/3m²  900W 0,5 x 6m 900W 59
1001154 TFU 230V  300W/4m²  1200W 0,5 x 8m 1200W 44
1001155 TFU 230V  300W/5m²  1500W 0,5 x 10m 1500W 35
1001156 TFU 230V  300W/6m²  1800W 0,5 x 12m 1800W 29
1001157 TFU 230V  300W/7m²  2100W 0,5 x 14m 2100W 25
1001158 TFU 230V  300W/8m²  2400W 0,5 x 16m 2400W 22
1001160 TFU 230V  300W/10m²  3000W 0,5 x 20m 3000W 18
1001162 TFU 230V  300W/12m²  3600W 0,5 x 24m 3600W 15
1001164 TFU 230V  300W/14m²  4200W 0,5 x 28m 4200W 13
1001172 TFU 400V  300W/2m²  600W 0,5 x 4m 600W 267
1001175 TFU 400V  300W/5m²  1500W 0,5 x 10m 1500W 107
1001180 TFU 400V  300W/10m²  3000W 0,5 x 20m 3000W 53
1001182 TFU 400V  300W/15m²  4500W 0,5 x 30m 4500W 36
1001183 TFU 400V  300W/20m²  6000W 0,5 x 40m 6000W 27

The product must be installed in accordance with current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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