TF Stretch heating mat

Elastic heating mat

TF Stretch is a twin conductor heating cable fastened between two elastic bands.. The bands gives TF Stretch a unique flexibility by allowing you to adjust the spacing between the cables to obtain the desired output per square meter. TF Stretch is easy to install and ensures an even floor temperature.

TF Stretch can be used indoors, and may be placed directly on wire mesh.

areas of use

All indoor rooms.


  • Parquet
  • Parquet
  • Laminate
  • Carpets
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate/PVC
  • Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Other floor coverings suited for floor heating


TF Stretch is maintenance free.


All heating systems must be equipped with a residual current disrupter with 30mA.

The heating system must also be equipped with an electronic thermostat that enables the user to adjust the temperature.

Technical data

Cable type Twin conductor
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Output pr. m2 100W + 170W
Thickness Ø 5mm
Width 0,5 meter
2 – 20 meters (170W/m²) Blue
10 – 32 meters (100W/m²) Yellow
Max. temperature 80°C (nominal value)
Cold lead 5 meters
IP Class IP X7

EN 60800


10 years


TF Stretch under tiles


TF Stretch
under parquet/laminate

Art. no. Product Size Total output Ohm value
1011432 TF Stretch  170W/2m²  Blue 0,5 x 4m 340W 156
1011433 TF Stretch  170W/2,5m²  Blue 0,5 x 5m 425W 124
1011434 TF Stretch  170W/3m²  Blue 0,5 x 5m 510W 104
1011435 TF Stretch  170W/3,5m²  Blue 0,5 x 7m 595W 89
1011436 TF Stretch  170W/4m²  Blue 0,5 x 8m 680W 78
1011438 TF Stretch  170W/5m²  Blue 0,5 x 10m 850W 62
1011440 TF Stretch  170W/6m²  Blue 0,5 x 12m 1020W 52
1011442 TF Stretch  170W/7m²  Blue 0,5 x 14m 1190W 44
1011444 TF Stretch  170W/8m²  Blue 0,5 x 16m 1360W 39
1011446 TF Stretch  170W/9m²  Blue 0,5 x 18m 1530W 35
1011448 TF Stretch  170W/10m²  Blue 0,5 x 20m 1700W 31
1011475 TF Stretch  100W/5m²  Yellow 0,5 x 10m 500W 106
1011476 TF Stretch  100W/6m²  Yellow 0,5 x 12m 600W 88
1011477 TF Stretch  100W/7m²  Yellow 0,5 x 14m 700W 76
1011478 TF Stretch  100W/8m²  Yellow 0,5 x 16m 800W 66
1011479 TF Stretch  100W/9m²  Yellow 0,5 x 18m 900W 59
1011480 TF Stretch  100W/10m²  Yellow 0,5 x 20m 1000W 53
1011482 TF Stretch  100W/12m²  Yellow 0,5 x 24m 1200W 44
1011486 TF Stretch  100W/16m²  Yellow 0,5 x 32m 1600W 33

The product must be installed in accordance with current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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