TFP Heating mat

An ideal product for parquet and laminate flooring

The TFP heating mat is a minimal build-up heating solution for your parquet or laminate floors. Combined with the TFP underlay,
the build-up height is no more than 4 – 4,5mm.

The TFP heating mat has two heating cables (each 1,4 mm in diameter),
placed in a serpentine pattern with 50 mm space between the cables.
The cables are laminated between two layers of re-inforced aluminium
foil. The aluminium foil ensures a quick and even heat distribution.

The combination can be installed directly on wooden or concrete sub-flooring.

areas of use

Comfort heating and total heating. Can be installed directly on wooden or concrete sub-flooring. Always use a plastic vapor barrier when installing this product on a concrete basement floor.


  • Parquet
  • Parquet
  • Laminate
  • Chipboard
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl


TFP heating mat is maintenance-free. It must only be installed in dry rooms and in compliance with the installation instructions for the TFP heating mat.


All heating cables must be equipped with a residual current disrupter with 30mA. The heating system must also be equipped with an electronic thermostat that enables the user to adjust the temperature.

technical data

Cable type Twin conductor
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Output pr. m2 60W
Cable diameter Ø 1,4mm
Mat width 0,5 meter
Mat length 2,0 – 30,0 meters
Max. temperature 80°C (nominal value)
Cold lead 6 meters
IP Class IP X7

Approvals EN 60335


10 years

Parquet manufacturers require that Thermo-Floor heating systems be installed in combination with the corresponding Thermo-Floor underlay.


TFP under carpet

TFP under parquet

TFP under Chipboard

*use if specified by the floor manufacturer

Always follow the installation instructions provided by the floor manufacturer, and make sure that the floor covering is suitable for underfloor heating. Check if the floor manufacturer has specified the need for a PE foil underneath the floor covering.

Art. no. Product Size Total output Ohm value
1001051 TFP 60W/1,0m²  0,5x2m  60W 0,5 x 2m 60W 882
1001052 TFP 60W/2,0m²  0,5x4m  120W 0,5 x 4m 120W 441
1001053 TFP 60W/3,0m²  0,5x6m  180W 0,5 x 6m 180W 294
1001054 TFP 60W/4,0m²  0,5x8m  240W 0,5 x 8m 240W 220
1001055 TFP 60W/5,0m²  0,5x10m  300W 0,5 x 10m 300W 176
1001056 TFP 60W/6,0m²  0,5x12m  360W 0,5 x 12m 360W 147
1001057 TFP 60W/7,0m²  0,5x14m  420W 0,5 x 14m 420W 126
1001058 TFP 60W/8,0m²  0,5x16m  480W 0,5 x 16m 480W 110
1001059 TFP 60W/9,0m²  0,5x18m  540W 0,5 x1 8m 540W 98
1001060 TFP 60W/10,0m²  0,5x20m  600W 0,5 x 20m 600W 88
1001062 TFP 60W/12,0m²  0,5x24m  720W 0,5 x 24m 720W 73
1001065 TFP 60W/15,0m²  0,5x30m  900W 0,5 x 30m 900W 59
1001147 TF tape  50mm 66 meters
1001149 TFP underlay mat  3mm 15m²

The product must be installed in accordance with current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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