TF heating foil

Heating foil for parquet and laminate flooring

TF heating foil is an easy and cost-efficient underfloor heating system, whether you are building a new floor or refurbishing an old one.
The heating foil is placed directly on heat-reflecting, insulating underlay, and may be covered by wooden floors, parquet or laminate flooring. The build-up of the TF heating foil combined with the TFV underlay is no more than 6 – 7 mm. TF heating foil is made from eco-friendly materials, and it is easy to cut and splice according to your needs. It takes very little time to heat up a room with this type of floor when the floor is controlled by a thermostat with setback temperature. You can save money by reducing the heat at times when no one is in the house or at night. TF heating foil is supplied on reels in a cardboard box. This makes handling and storage practical. The box protects the foil until it is going to be used, and the reel makes it easy to pull out the desired length.

areas of use

Comfort heating and total heating for all dry rooms. TF heating foil is designed for use underneath parquet and laminate floors.

Floor covering

  • Parquet
  • Laminate
  • Chipboard Carpet
  • Vinyl


TFP heating foil is maintenance-free. It must only be installed in dry rooms and in compliance with the installation instructions for the TFP heating foil.


All heating systems must be equipped with a residual current disrupter with 30mA.

The heating system must also be equipped with an electronic thermostat that enables the user to adjust the temperature.

technical data

Voltage 230V 50Hz
Output pr. m2 60W or 100W
Thickness 0,4mm
Widths 30cm + 50cm + 80cm + 100cm + 120cm
Length 50 – 100 meters depending on type
Max. temperature 80°C (nominal value)
Approvals EN 60335 Class 2 – CE

TF heating foil is a product with single layer insulation (class 2).

In order to achieve double insulation, the foil needs to be covered with PE foil.

All concrete sub-floors or sub-floors on ground level must be covered by a 0,20mm PE foil before installing the TF heating foil.


10 years

Parquet manufacturers require that Thermo-Floor heating systems be installed in combination with the corresponding Thermo-Floor underlay.

TF Heating Foil under Parquet

TF Heating Foil under Laminate

TF Heating Foil under Vinyl


Regarding the requirement of grounded network in connection with heating foil as specified in NEK 400-753-411.1:

TF heating foil is an approved Class 2 product when installed in accordance with TF heating foil installation instructions.

TF heating foil is approved by NEK 400-412 (double or reinforced insulation). Consequently, any requirement of a grounded network in connection with TF heating foil is invalid.

Art. no. Product Size
5430403 TF heating foil  30cm  60W/m²      30cm x 50m
5430405 TF heating foil  50cm  60W/m²   50cm x 100m
5430407 TF heating foil  80cm  60W/m²     80cm x 70m
5430410 TF heating foil 100cm  60W/m²   100cm x 70m
5430413 TF heating foil 120cm  60W/m²   120cm x 55m
5430420 TF heating foil  50cm  100W/m² 50cm x 100m
Supplementing products
5430400 TFV underlay  6mm   –   Green  30kg/m3 0,625m x 0,8m  18m²
5430408 TF RKK double insulated cable1,5mm²   Blue 100 meters
5430409 TF RKK double insulated cable 1,5mm²   Black 100 meters
5430411 PE foil  0,20mm 2,6m x 15 meters   39m²
5430412 TFV  crimp connectors 50 pcs
5430414 TFV self-fusing tape   20 meters
5430415 TF double-sided tape 105 meters
5430416 TFV  crimping tool 0,25 – 6,0mm²
1001147 TF tape 50mm 50mm  66 meters

The product must be installed in accordance with current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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