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heatit Z-Scene Controller

Z-Wave Switch

The Heatit Z-Wave Scene Controller is a Z-Wave module specifically adapted to Gira KNX touch sensors. The Heatit Z-Wave Scene Controller is a device with built-in wireless Z-Wave communication that may be used to control other Z-Wave devices such as dimmers, relay modules, etc. The scene controller has a built-in relay that can be used to turn on and off a local load, e.g. a lamp, thus replacing a standard 1-pole switch.

The Heatit Z-Wave Scene Controller consists of six switches, two switches behind each of the three buttons. Each switch can be used individually or configured to work in pairs. For instance:
One side of the button switches the light on, while the other side switches it off. The module also functions as a scene controller by transferring various scene commands when the push buttons are pressed in different ways. All of the 6 buttons can be programmed to have different functionalities.

In addition to this, the Heatit Z-Wave Scene Controller acts as a repeater and is able to extend the range of your Z-Wave network. 

The switch fits into standard Elko, Schneider Exxact and Gira® System 55 frame systems.

GIRA® is a trademark of GIRA Giersiepen GmbH & Co.



  • Z-Wave Scene Controller is a central scene controller
  • 230V unit, acts as a repeater increasing network stability
  • Up to 6 different channels
  • All six LED-diodes are controlled individually and their functionality is configurered in the gateway
  • May be associated to other Z-Wave units
  • Uses standard Gira push button modules with different designs and colors
  • Low power usage, less than 0,3W in standby mode
  • The firmware contains Multi-Channel Command Class for a better visualisation and more logical control in the Z-Wave gateway
  • Firmware updates (OTA)
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Technical data

Protocol Z-Wave
SDK 6.61
Rated voltage 230V 50Hz
Max load 1000W 5A (resistive load) or up to 150W inductive load
Power consumption 0,8W / 0,3W standby
Push buttons Up to 6
Range Up to 40 meters (depending on surroundings)
IP Class IP 20
Size (LxWxD) 70 x 70 x 27mm (without frame)
Approvals Z-Wave Plus, CE, EN 50491-3:2009, EN 60669-2:2004, EMC 2014/30/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU



Heatit-Z-Scene-Controller Dimensions

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art. no. Product Z-Wave frequenCY
45 124 54 Heatit Z-Scene Controller – switch EU 868,4 MHz
99 124 71 Heatit Z-Scene Controller – switch BR 921,4 MHz
99 124 72 Heatit Z-Scene Controller – switch US 908,4 MHz
99 124 73 Heatit Z-Scene Controller – switch RU 869 MHz
99 124 74 Heatit Z-Scene Controller – switch US2 916 MHz
99 124 75 Heatit Z-Scene Controller – switch IND 865,2 MHz

The product must be installed in accordance with current version of the installation guide and national building codes. See the installation guide for further information.

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